Moving to central Portugal or just won the Euro Millions

Moving to central Portugal is a life changing moment. Most of us are in a position to choose the type of home that we want to live in and how we want to live. It really can become a life changing experience whether you just want to slow down and smell the roses, write a book or develop a business. Selling your UK property will release funds to provide for things that you have long dreamed of. It’s a little like winning the pools or lottery except that we have time to make plans before it happens.

A look at what lottery winners spend their money on demonstrates that these lucky winners have a desire for an easier more comfortable life. All of the list below can be b
About half of winners move within three months of scooping a big prize.
Camelot found that 29% of winners bought a hot tub for their home.
28% installed a walk-in wardrobe.
24% put up electric gates.
22% installed a games room.
17% bought a snooker table.
16% were able to afford a gym in their home.
12% installed a champagne bar.
30% of millionaires have a cleaner.
24% employ a gardener.
22% bought a dog and 4% a cat.

We were discussing moving to central Portugal in the office and estimated that most of the foreigners living here in central Portugal have done just what the pools winners do.
With the exception of the “champagne bar” or course…..or perhaps we are just not in that scene.

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