Pool Problems Natural Stone

Pool Problems Natural Stone


Natural Stone has a very varied and distinctive look and feel to it. Providing the option of adding far more texture that any other material. We know that stone is strong so isn’t it the ideal swimming pool material.

In this instance limestone has been used to create a rock pool effect (not constructed by Castelo Construction) a great example of Pool Problems Natural Stone

The problem is that the chemicals necessary to keep the water bug free and healthy will also dissolve this soft limestone !  A harder stone such as granite would have been a more suitable material.

It’s almost impossible to effectively seal the stone and cement joints. Apart from the lime leaking out of them they will slowly be eaten away with the limestone becoming pitted and rough to the touch.

These beautifully carved Jacuzzi baths set in a wonderful location were in fact very rough to the touch under the level of the water because the softer elements of the stone had been eaten away leaving a very rough sandpaper like surface.

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