Refurbishing your Home in Central Portugal

Refurbishing your Home in Central Portugal


Where to start?

Make your home comfortable to live in and easier to sell. Location, location, Location. Are said to be the 3 most important things which affect the value of your house. Here in central Portugal they are still important although there are some other things which will help you to resell quickly and increase the value of your property.

Views, if you property has a nice view make the most of it. Position patios, outside dining areas, swimming pools or verandas so that the views can be exploited.

Calm Location, it’s impossible to measure this in reality as one persons total silence is another’s unnerving vacuum, The noise of road traffic, electricity generation windmills and overhead flights are obvious man made intrusions which put buyers off. Barking dogs, particularly at night can be another bugbear.

Most buyers are in the 50 to 64 age range so a property positioned at the top of a high hill or along a rough track is less appealing the older you are. Our research shows us that the most sell-able properties have between 1,000 and 2,000 M2 of land, 3 bedrooms and nice views.

Refurbishing your Home in Central Portugal

We all come to Portugal for all sorts of reasons common to us all is the desire for a better climate and predominantly blue skies. It can come as quite a shock to find that your Portuguese house in winter can be a cold as a cave. We don’t want to live in our picturesque country cottages having to wear an overcoat which is probably want the previous owner did. You must make the effort to insulate the property and heat it adequately or your first winter could be one to remember. Gas, Oil and Wood are the main systems of heating here. The more eco efficient systems sold on cost per day to run tend to have a long payback time so may not suite people in their 60,s.

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