Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe than Sorry

Lisbon has been voted the safest city in Europe ! People in Central Portugal often leave their keys in their front doors all day because its a very safe, friendly part of the world to live in.

We have also heard of numerous occasions were wallets or money has been dropped in the street only to be returned untouched. A mixture of honest and family values that can’t be beat.

However. Better be safe than sorry. What do burglars look for?

The usual Break-In locations in Your Home We all feel uneasy about sounds in the night, probably the biggest fear for most people involves burglars. Nobody wants their home be broken into, which is why alarm systems, CCTV and multi-lever locks are so popular and expensive. Home security systems are excellent products if fitted correctly however with Police response times being extended there are other ways to achieve the security you want. It’s useful to have an understanding of how burglars gain access to a home.

Here is a list of the most common entry points for home break-ins.

Doors An unlocked door is a burglar’s best friend. ( The old phrase “when is a door not a door – when its ajar” ). Burglars go around looking for front doors, back doors and other doors that haven’t been properly secured by homeowners. Even if you are conscientious about locking your doors, your locks may not be sufficient enough to keep even an amateur robber from getting in. It’s relatively easy for burglars to gain access to properties through sliding glass (patio) doors. Which can be lifted off of their tracks. Special tools are not needed. However its easy to overcome by having vertical locks installed on all of the sliding glass doors in your home. Garage doors are another very popular and weak entry point for break-ins.

Most homeowners don’t realize this, and leave the doors leading into their homes from their garages unsecured. Always lock the door that leads from your garage to your living space and always make sure the garage door shuts completely. Back doors are frequently targeted because they are less likely to be overlooked by neighbors. It’s a good idea to pay extra for a strong back door. Motion or heat activated floodlights are also useful in these areas. If your external doors or door frames have glass panels, make sure that they’re made of laminated glass. Otherwise, burglars can easily smash them open and unlock your doors.

Windows Windows are another popular entry point for burglars. Always shut windows completely when leaving your home unattended. If you have shutters installed use them. Although not really secure they will deter people because they are another thing to deal with when trying to enter the house. Window locks are excellent product for preventing access to your home. For maximum security bars are always an option for the ground-level windows in your home. Fortunately, preventing the nightmare of a home invasion is so simple

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