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Rustic traditional or clean lined modern?

The style of how your property is refurbished is entirely up to you. Many of our clients want to retain the character of the property while adding warmth and getting rid of the damp. Our skilled tradesmen are very adept at recreating traditional features. For instance your home may have a wooden door, gate or window that you real like. Our craftsmen can for take apart a door, treat the existing timber against woodworm and replace any damaged parts. They then put the door back together and place it in the house. Or they can use the old door as a template and make you new doors in the same style buy with timber treated against humidity and insect attack. Here is what a client said about a recent refurbishment project:
The transformation of the house was amazing. In fact a relative of the previous owner dropped in, unannounced on Saturday and admired the conversion, so far. I was pleased when she commented that we had retained the “spirit of the house”!  We’re grateful and thank your team, for us.”
Although Reclamation Yards or Architectural Salvage yards have not yet appeared in this part of Portugal we do keep suitable old materials in case they can be used on a refurbishment or new build. Here we took the exterior stone door frame from an ancient house that we had to demolish and used the stones to create an interesting door way for a renovation project.  On a recent new build we used stone from an old ruin to ad some age to a newly built outside dining room. New stone would have been too bright for what the client had in mind If you are interested in achieving a more rustic or traditional look to your home without the problems inherent in old construction methods contact us for a chat. 00351 967 922 513  or Skype casteloconstruction email john@casteloconstruction.com www.casteloconstruction.com