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What are these marks on the walls of my home

What are these marks on the walls of my new home they have been growing for a while.

If you have black spot like sooty marks on the inside walls or ceilings of your home it certainly is not normal.

If you external paint is forming bubbles and blisters, sometimes water filled this is also not normal

If the inside of your ground floor walls are starting to show signs of a tide mark and flaking paint this is not normal.

So what do we do about it !!!

 The only way to tackle this is to understand where this humidity originates from and then a plan can be put in place to eradicate the problem and provide a more comfortable healthy environment for you and your family to live in.

People think that solving damp problems is prohibitively expensive. It’s not.

What is expensive is wasting money on half hearted solutions when you dont fully understand the cause of you damp problem in the first place.

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 What are these marks on the walls of my home

Once this is done the condensation can be eradicated. There may also be a little re-education required about how to live in a damp house. The nice thing about this is our advice is free.

If the humidity is not coming from Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp or Chemical damp it can be cured by regular high volume ventilation of the home. This is something that very few people do well instead they prefer to use a mechanical means of ventilating their damp homes DampFix installs solar powered systems which have no running costs once installed.

These systems are ideal for families with children, the elderly and especially holiday homes.
Call us to chat about your problem damp our advice is free.  to see more of our projects go to

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How to keep warm in a Portuguese house

As we are in late November and you are reading this post you are obviously very interested in knowing How to keep warm in a Portuguese house.

We do know where you are coming from in fact many people new to living in Portugal say that they have never been so cold as their first winter in Portugal.

It is probably due to the high level of humidity or damp in the air and in most Portuguese homes, lack of insulation and rapidly changing temperatures throughout the day. Take yesterday for example we say three butterflies chasing each other in the late afternoon sun and two hours later we were lighting the wood burner in our home.

Here are our tips on how to keep warm in a Portuguese house.

1, Use dry wood and overheat, your log burner is meant to be filled with wood so that it burns at maximum efficiency 12 to 14 KW normally. Most people run them very low at 2 or 3 KW so that there is not enough heat dispensed to heat (and dry out) the fabric of the home.

2, Insulate everywhere. Floors, walls, windows, doors and ceilings.

3, Light the stove or put the heating on early (before 4pm) so that the house can maintain its heat from the day without it cooling down too much and the heating output having to compensate.

4, If you have a pellet burner or wood burning stove or even radiators make sure that you site them in the correct location so that the heat they produces can spread around the home. There is masses of information on the internet for this.

5, Dress warmly. It is best to be warm and remove a layer of clothing than add layers because you have become cold.

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What makes living in central Portugal Special?

What makes living in central Portugal Special?

Here’s a fine example, not everyone’s cup of tea granted but it’s something we love.

castelo construction builders penela portugal
What makes living in central Portugal Special?

The Penela Medieval Festival that took place last weekend was a triumph.
The weather was cool and the crowds were down on ten years ago but the people and atmosphere made up for it.

We arrived late afternoon Sunday. You know how it is you have a thousand other things to do so it’s easy just to give it a miss. We were heading in that lazy direction when we heard the sound of explosions coming from the castle and the thin sounds or medieval music wafting across the 1 kilometer space between our home and the castle.

So we decided to wrap up warm (in May ! ) and go along. We were glad we did. After walking past some of the stalls browsing the merchandise a lot of which was hand made we bought a large chorizo tried some fresh cooked black pudding and carried on into the courtyard of the castle.

english speaking builders
All the fun of the fair

Stopping at the Tasquina (rustic restaurant) in this case it was indeed very rustic. We ordered wine served in an earthenware jug and drank it from earthenware cups we had a selection of cooked sausages and a huge serving of barbequed lamb accompanied by Moroccan rice which was both hearty and very tasty.  The bread which came with our meal was traditional brua and a rye bread equally tasty and ideal for nibbling with the sausage starter.

Medieval Fiesta of Penela
Very nice lunch washed down with wine

The main course was eaten with pointed sticks and a wooden spoon. Very authentic!

There were masses of local people dressed up in medieval costume. Everyone from the  people clearing the tables to the children involved in the tumbling display. The traveling actors had on the full regalia and were impressive in their costume as well as their ability to get people involved.  Granny forced to act as a juggling stooge was loudly appreciated by her young  grandchildren. There was sword fighting, falconry and lots of pipes and drums.
This weekend long event is free and the people are very friendly so give it a try next year.