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Cash or Receipts

Cash or Receipts what will you do?

Paying cash from building work is not the perceived benefit that it was with less suppliers accepting cash builders are stuck with how they could use their earnings.

Portugal has had a very long and very active Black economy. The Portuguese government is trying to change this far too late to a shade of Grey and in fact since recent laws were passed in 2017 more and more companies are offering invoices when you buy goods and services. Just in case there was any confusion it’s also against the law to avoid tax payment.

Why is this important to you when you are having construction work carried out in Portugal. This will be one of your greatest expenses when living here. There is a temptation for people coming to a foreign country to avoid “additional expenses” if they can.

Obviously, any builder wants to put through his books as little as possible basically to avoid the payment of tax and Iva which in Portugal is 23%

Castelo Construction looks at this from a different angle. We always provide invoices for work carried out.

why is this important it’s important to you?


Because when the time is right to sell your property in the future whether refurbished or a new build you can claim your VAT Iva back from the tax man saving you so you 23%

Obviously no invoice no savings.

Many people who when down the cash route ended up complaining that they had missed out on the 23% saving when it’s too late.

Here’s a little money saving tip for free without you having to go down the Cash or Receipts route. If you are going to open a bank account in Portugal to buy your property and carry out building work in Portugal make sure that they have a branch in your home country. For instance, Banco Santander Totta has this arrangement.
Then all you have to do is open an account with them in the UK and carry out bank to bank transfers for FREE.

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Who are Castelo Construction

Who are Castelo Construction

We are a family run business, established in Portugal for 10+ years offering all kinds of building work from renovations and remodeling to new build and design services.

International client base –
Mainly the UK with South Africa, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Portuguese, Eastern Europe, Australia.

Our key strengths are Communication, Experience, and Ability in smoothly handling multiple projects simultaneously, Customer care, Fixed price work projects.

castelo constructio new garage
new build garage

We are also much more. It’s difficult to come up with a list of things that we do from advice to working with clients to save money with design tweaks to giving general practical advice for people tackling the Portuguese utilities and government services for the first time.

Each of our clients is different.
Each of our clients has different past experiences.
Each of our clients has a different idea of the ideal home for them.
Some of our clients are a little bit lost with regard to the next steps and how to go about things.

Thankfully our team has a lot of experience in helping people get the best out of their renovation or new build project.

Castelo Construction
New build garage

If this looks interesting to you call us on (Kelvin) 00351 927168247

You can read our blog about the various projects that we have been involved it and also people and situations which we come across.
Our website is

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Building a new house in Portugal

Building a new house in Portugal


If you are about to start Building a new house in Portugal or would like to Build a new house in Portugal

This is the ideal blog for you

You would think that there would be a check list for doing this wouldn’t you.

A simple list in order of importance that people like you could follow and cut out the stress from  Building a new house in Portugal.

Unfortunately we often meet people who have started half way down the list and then have to back track in order to cover all the important bases. Don’t get me wrong it’s a perfectly understandable thing to do  if you are sitting in a cold rainy UK, Germany or Holland dreaming of your ideal place to live in the sun.

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Building a new house in Portugal

I am guilty myself of sketching floor plans and elevation plans of my ideal home. One design even had an Italian inspired tower!. So I do realize that you are not alone!

The first consideration is the land. Location, Location, location.

Have you established for certain that the land can have a dwelling built on it.

Is there access for construction vehicles. Is the ground suitable for building on without huge additional cost.

Can you actually fit the size of home that you want on the land with outbuildings and a swimming pool (are you sure).

Is there water and power nearby that won’t be difficult or take a long time to make utility connections so that you can live in the finished home.

Plans drawings sketches, photographs. Do you have a firm idea of the property that you want to build. Number of bedrooms, size and number of floors.

You probably do and you may be one of the 20% of people we meet who are trying to find a plot of land that will accommodate their recently paid for house design. In the process they forget or are forced to give way on the three most important rules –

Location, Location, location

Here are the Top 10 Mistakes People Make When They Build Their Own Homes

  1. Focusing on Wants Before Needs
  2. Buying a House Plan Before the Land
  3. Not Picturing Family Dynamics When Picking Plans
  4. Thinking the Cost of All Square Footage Is Equal
  5. Choosing a Complicated Footprint Just Because
  6. Not Considering the Benefits of Universal Design
  7. Valuing Cubic Volume Above Square Footage
  8. Maligning or Over-Appreciating Hallways
  9. Incorporating Excessive Extras
  10. Designing Without a Strategy

Published on June 24, 2016 by Rachel Lyon


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